28 Jul 2021

Samoa Performer | DP200 Metal & Plastic

28 Jul 2021

Enhanced Leading Technology

Samoa DP200 Performer

Samoa AODD Air Pumps

Air operated double diaphragm pumps for dosing, spraying, transferring, evacuating and distributing a wide variety of fluids.

Designed for maximum performance and efficiency with high flow rates.

Very robust metal pumps designed for the toughest applications. Fully groundable ATEX certified pumps for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (Ex II2 GD IIB/IIC 95 ˚C).

More info including pump curves, construction types and model codes:

You can check out Samoa's full range on our website:

02 Jul 2021

Certified Swagelok Engineer Services

02 Jul 2021

Lasting Performance in Fluid System Applications

Swagelok workshop fitter

Measuring up for Swage

We supply a wide variety of products for use in industrial fluid system applications. Swagelok components and fluid system assemblies are used widely in the oil and gas, chemical and refining, transportation, semiconductor, and global construction industries.

We offer high-quality fittings, valves, hoses, rigid and flexible tubing, tube accessories, pressure regulators, gauges and other measurement devices, filters, welding systems, leak detectors, lubricants, sealants, quick connects, mechanical seal support systems, grab sampling systems, sample cylinders, analytical subsystems, and miniature modular systems.

Our products are designed to stand up to the demands of challenging operating environments worldwide, are thoroughly tested, and are backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Let us know how we can help you complete your solution.

05 May 2021

AP Ltd. welcomes new staff member - Maninder!

05 May 2021

New Staff at Air Pumping Ltd.

Maninder Kalsi

Maninder Kalsi

As many of our regular customers know we have recently taken on a new staff member, a Mr. Maninder Kalsi. Coming from a mechanical engineering background and university educated, Maninder is ready to start fielding your enquiries and learning how best to provide for our customers. Maninder will be working with the rest of the team to help improve his knowledge and expand what Air Pumping Ltd. can offer you, our customer.

Should you need to talk to any of the team, including Maninder, we are still on the same number, 01708 259870, and all staff members have access to our inbox to ensure no communications are missed.

We have some interesting new projects and developments for the coming few months, so stay tuned!

22 Dec 2020

Christmas Opening Times

22 Dec 2020

Thank you for another year with Air Pumping Ltd.!

This Christmas time, our opening hours will be as follows:

Wednesday the 23rd of December : CLOSED!


Tuesday 5th of January 2021 - OPEN!

Have a fantastic Christmas and a fun New Year to all our families, friends and fellow customers. We look forward to helping in 2021.

16 Apr 2020

Samoa Cleaning and Disinfecting Packages

16 Apr 2020

Effective solutions to disinfecting large areas

Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting are some of the essential activities of any healthy society, preventing spread of infectious diseases. Sanitizers reduce micro organisms on a surface, to a level considered safe by public health standards, whereas disinfectants kill bacteria, viruses and fungi on a surface. Air Pumping along with Samoa, leaders in pumping spraying systems & manufactures of specialty pumps for spraying these liquid solutions at a high pressure with less fluid consumption, have put together some packages to help keep you safe whilst still completing you daily work tasks. These spray units allow coverage on large surfaces in minimal time.

Prices for COVID-19 Disinfectant Spray packages:

We have compiled the information in a quick light PDF for easy perusal and sharing: Download!

We also have a quick video so you can see the units in action! You can check it out here on youtube.

18 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Update

18 Mar 2020

Fellow pumpers and pumpees,

We are working to keep orders fulfilled. We have extensive stocks of pumps and parts and are as always ready to help in whatever way we can. Delivery times and schedules may be subject to variations based on restrictions faced in both the UK and Worldwide. These issues will naturally spread to our suppliers also.

While standard UK next day deliveries are still currently being achieved, the following changes have been brought in place by our carriers:

Effective immediately and until further notice, in order to support UPS operations during the outbreak, the commit times for all domestic, transborder and worldwide Express and Express Saver services have been relaxed in Europe as noted below:

  • Express: 10.30am to 12noon
  • Express Saver: 12noon to 14:00pm
  • Express Saturday (DE & UK only): 12noon to 14:00pm
In order to protect both employees and customers as much as possible, UPS drivers will not always be handing over the hand-held devices to customers to capture electronic signatures. If the receiver does not want to touch the scanner to sign, please be aware signatures and POD's may not show as normal. We are awaiting further information from UPS on this but please be understanding with the POD's you receive.

We appreciate your understanding in these matters and will be endeavouring to continue offering our services to our valued customers as long as the road to the office is passable!
08 May 2019

Custom powder coated diaphragm pumps

08 May 2019

Reliance and Safety

When you purchase a pump they are often delivered in various different finishes depending on the type of construction you have chosen to purchase. At times some pumps are bare metal and in other instances units can be supplied in manufacturer specified colours. This does not always fit the scope of tender, or may not be what you envisaged for your site installation. Bare metal can start to look aged or stain whilst clashing colours can turn a tidy install into a visual nightmare. Perhaps you would just like to colour code your pump lines to give a visual representation of what each pump is moving to ease operators jobs?

Colour co-ordinating your install

Fine tuning your install to suit the demands of your site can make your workflow much smoother, which is why we offer spraying and powder coating options on all of our double diaphragm pumps. We can have your pumps prepared in any manner of colours and coatings to ensure the longetivity of your process install. Not only that we can offer bespoke frames and trolleys for all our units, painted in the same high quality finish. Why make the job more difficult when simplicity is on offer?

09 Jan 2019

Farewell to John Lee

09 Jan 2019

Air Pumping Ltd. bid's a fond farewell to John Lee

Air Pumping's long standing engineer John Lee has decided to take his retirement at an undisclosed age far beyond what was called for. John has worked with us for over 30 years starting at our first premises in East Ham, London. Staying with the company, he worked in helping grow Air Pumping from a small local business into an internationally known double diaphragm pump one stop shop.

John will be sorely missed in many ways, we are sad to see him leave both personally and as a company, although he will be moving to warmer pastures to enjoy the fruits of many years of graft and toil. We wish him all the best in his new endeavours and look forward to him enjoying his well earnt retirement.

Big thanks from all at Air Pumping Ltd.

Onwards with 2019! Welcome to the new year fellow pumpers.

12 Oct 2018

New website launch!

12 Oct 2018

Website upgrades

Welcome to our 2018 new look website. Stay tuned over the next few months as we continue to update our services to our services with,, and our temperamental webshop so we can get back to offering the best double diaphragm pump deals on the net.

If you have found us through a broken link, you can still navigate to our old site at, or just place "old." in front of the link.. so "".

Alternatively should you wish to ask a specific question or would just like to speak to someone about your pump application we are available at the stroke of a few digits, find all our contact details here to get in touch with Air Pumping now.

02 May 2018

Contact Numbers

02 May 2018

Telephone Problems

Are you finding our number is engaged?

Time to update your phone books!


We moved premises nearly three years ago now! Wow how time flies. Over the years unfortunately BT has been updating their systems and has started to phase out the current process in which our calls are forwarded from our old London premises lines. We are in the process of trying to rectify this but meanwhile if you are having problems getting through, we still have two numbers working fine.

(+44) 01708 259870 (Main-line)

(+44) 0208 552 1172




You can contact us via e-mail in the normal fashion, fax or drop into the shop! Find our full contact details and options including all our phone numbers, fax lines and emails under the 'About us' link at the top.