Ingersoll Rand / ARO Philosophy

It seems simple enough. You need to get a process pump. So you start with the typical parameters: pressure, flow, piping distance, material characteristics etc., and when all the calculating and crunching is done, your decision rests with the two or three pumps that will do the job. Seems simple enough, and by and large, the selection process is over... for now... But its the thousands, sometimes hundreds, and regrettably, only tens of operational hours down the process stream that your pump selection starts to show its true colours. Stall-outs, ice-ups, compressed air "blow-by" costs; problems that can send you into a forced maintenance mode from where there is no return, at least until your capital equipment budget rebounds.

So what happened? A pump is an engineered product. Just how "engineered" varies significantly from make to make. If your choice is a Diaphragm or Piston Pump from Ingersoll-Rand / ARO, then the choice is a solid one. Why? Because an air-operated pump, while it can be judged and measured from several criteria, none is more critical than the design and operational integrity of the air motor; and ARO know air motor technology. They have the patents to prove it, including the sole ownership of the industries first "unbalanced" air valve. This design along with some more recent innovations, have kept ARO the benchmark throughout the air-driven pump industry. Simple in its concept, sensational in performance, the "unbalanced" design is the best most efficient path to trouble-free fluid handling you're going to find.

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To make your ARO selection easier we have created a site solely for our ARO range only. This lists the majority of the current availability of ARO's range, plus a few obselete but current units. If you have any enquiries about anything you see, or perhaps do not see, then please do speak to us right away.