Blagdon Diaphragm Pumps

Benefits of buying pumps from Blagdon

Blagdon Pump offers full service support to all of our customers

Blagdon Pump offers products of a very high quality. When buying from Blagdon, every customer also has available a full range of support services operated by Blagdon. Our experienced staff can provide instant support for issues including installation, servicing, maintenance, and any other technical query. Should spares be necessary, Blagdon also offers a fast spares delivery service, and you can be sure that our staff will always know exactly what you need and will despatch it immediately.

11 Benefits of buying any Blagdon Pump:

  • Blagdon pumps can run dry without damage or danger
  • All Blagdon pumps are fully submersible
  • Blagdon pumps are designed to operate at low noise levels
  • Leak-free air valves which are easily removed for servicing
  • Blagdon pumps are designed to be easily maintained. They can be stripped down quickly without any specialist tools
  • Blagdon pumps are self priming to over 6 metres
  • All Blagdon pumps are pressure balanced, they stall if discharge is closed and restart when discharge is open. This avoids heat build up and wearing of components
  • Minimum product agitation
  • Long stroke, slow speed cycling capability - low initial break-out
  • Portable, compact - can be remotely controlled and fully packaged
  • Safe in hazardous areas, no sparking, air-driven

Blagdon offer a 5 YEAR WARRANTY with all Pumps

Please contact our team for a full copy of the Warranty Policy listing the Blagdon terms and conditions for warranty application.

Quality Assurance

To complete the pump assembly process, ALL PUMPS are tested in the following manner to ensure a quality-built BLAGDON PUMP product:

  • Tested at 8 Bar for fluid and air leakage
  • Prime from a dry start (1 Metre Lift)
  • Deadhead the pump (each side) for a specific check for fluid or air leakage (internal and external)
  • Observation run cycle at high Bar/cycling rate
  • Checking for porosity
  • Rythmic cycling
  • Abnormal mechanical noises

Visual inspection:

  • Hardware
  • Mating surfaces
  • Pipe threads
  • Wetted materials
  • Maximum vacuum check
  • Drain and air dry pump


ISO 9001

ISO 14001

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