VIPER - Variable Pressure Fast Fill Test Rig TX200

"For fast & efficient testing of all vessels, hoses, pipelines & systems..."
ATEX Compliant Certified Pumps
Viper TX200

The Viper is one of our longest standing bespoke units. First designed for pharmaceutical companies for inline testing on pipework installations, the system was built around the necessity for large pressure capacity along with portability for use all over a huge industrial complex.

Over the years the system has been improved apon, with small alterations or upgrades as clients have requested extra pressure or features on the system. We currently produce two main variations of the unit, the main difference between the two units being the material of construction; stainless and mild-steel variants are available. We normally ask our client to specify the operation pressures required and then tailor the final system to the required needs.

TX200 model as illustrated - currently used by major oil companies testing to SI 1089 Act specification for road tankers & tanker hoses, and by major pharmaceutical companies for hose erosion checks. This easy to use, low maintenance, air operated unit can be modified to suit your exact application.

Basic features include:

  • Automatic cut out when selected pressure is achieved
  • Fast fill facility up to 30 G.P.M. continuous flow
  • Variable test pressure up to 2000 PSI on basic unit (higher pressures on request)
  • Intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments
  • Easily maneuverable even with full tank
  • Complete turnkey system including air treatment control set for fine adjustment, certified gauges, all couplings, extra air point for air tools and 2 metres of high pressure discharge hose.

For more information contact our friendly sales staff who will be happy to guide you further into the Viper process pump.