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Ingersoll Rand / ARO Pro-Series Pumps

Ingersoll Rand / ARO

Pro-Series Pumps

Introducing the new high-performance Pro's: PD05 & PD03 with a new unbalanced air-valve design, eliminating valve centering and pump stall-out even under low air pressures.

"D Valve"

  • Provides a positive seal
  • Helps insure optimum energy efficientcy while avoiding costly air "blow by"
  • Ceramic construction insures long service life


  • Provides an ultra-positive, reliable shift signal that avoids stall out
  • Provides faster pump trip-over with more flow
  • Trip-over gives less pulsation and superior laminar flow

For more Air Valve information, please click here to visit the Pro-Series Air Motor page, with a cut-away picture of the new series, allowing an amazing view inside the pumps!