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Click here for your favorite eBay items Ebay: the leader in on-line auctioning.. Thousands of fabulous deals including Air Pumping's refurb range of affordable pumps.
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J.C. Fluid Power - your one-stop hydraulic supplier! J.C. Fluid Power: Based in south-east England, this engineering company specialises in hosing and fittings - your one-stop Hydraulic Supplier! Specialists in Industrial Hydraulics, J.C. Fluid Power are established hydraulic accessory suppliers to industry. All requirements can be met using leading brand names or equivalents.
Tilbury, England
Phone: 01375 843995,
           01375 843150
Fax: 01375 859010
Email: web site design and tutorials
Timo is a freelance, front-end developer, whos works including
familiarisation of ModX, OrangeLine, and Prestashop .
Tim's work is mostly odd jobs covering a gambit of
categories from scripts to full layouts and web apps. This site provides examples, links to external resources and, with some luck, lucid articles on various topics related to CSS or other web development.

Northern Tools: A massive international company specialising in power tools and associated equipment. Stocks large amounts of high quality goods at reasonable prices. Also if you find an identical item advertised at a lower price within 30 days of purchase elsewhere they will even refund 110% of the difference! Brilliant!
Nationwide, England
Free Phone: 0800 169 2266 (Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat, 8am-noon)
Free Fax: 0808 100 8086

Screwfix Direct: A large, predominatly mail order company supplying almost any eventuality a work-man might have on site. Garments, tools, equipment, PPE, car jacks, almost every mechanical device to make your working life easier.
Nationwide, England
Phone: 0500 414141
Free Fax: 0800 056 2256

St. John Ambulance: UK's leading first aid, care and transport charity. Information on first aid courses (FAW) and training, as well as how to get more involved in helping and/or funding the charity.
Nationwide, England
Phone: 08700 104950
Fax: 08700 104065

Watkins Hire: For over 148 years WatkinsHIRE have understood that it takes more than innovative, high performance temperature control rental products and superior technical service to help our customers, end users & facility managers compete and win in today's global marketplace. It takes a total commitment to understanding your cooling, heating and drying needs and the ability to provide the right temperature control rental solutions every time.

Nationwide, England
Phone: 0500 526 696

W.L. Cooke: A locally ran engineering company in the east of London nearby to ourselves, specialising in unique tools, equipment and materials, from drill bits to high speed taps to sheet metal. Fast and cheap delivery from a well stocked shop full of friendly staff, highly recommended.
London, England
Phone: 0208 590 3279
Fax: 0208 599 5030