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ATEX Compliancy

ATEX Directive 94/9/EC

Are you compliant?

If you are using plastic or metallic diaphragm pumps on your site, in a dusty or hazardous environment, you need to comply with the new ATEX Directive 94/9/EC coming into force on the 1st of July, 2006.

Air Pumping Engineering Services offer a range of ways to help get you certified. As authorised distributors and warranty repairs centre for a number of manufacturers, we are in a unique position to be able to offer advice, conversion kits and self upgrading routes for most systems to meet the ATEX directive.

Pump Upgrade

We are able to upgrade any Ingersoll-Rand / Aro metallic pump or Wilden metallic pump, with a fully conductive and groundable air section, and where necessary update any fluid sections, elastomers and mufflers to ATEX certification. After we have made sure everything reaches the new specification, all pumps will be re-labelled and registered with a confirmation to ATEX rules and regulation.

Metal Pumps

Metal pumps will be set to comply with ATEX 94/9/EC Group I (Cat. 2) and Group II (Cat. 2) Zones G & D where possible. Compliance to Group II (Cat. 2) will also meet the full requirements of Group II (Cat. 3) certification levels.

Plastic Pumps

Existing plastic pumps constructed in standard polypropylene or PVDF material cannot be converted to meet the directive, however we stock a large number of groundable plastic pumps, ranging from ¼" up to 2" ATEX 94/9/EC Group II (Cat. 2) Zone G certified to suit your fluid handling needs.

Compliant Pumps

Some older type Ingersoll-Rand / ARO metallic pumps already meet the ATEX regulations due to materials of construction and excellent safety foresights. For a list of model numbers that are compliant retrospectively, you can check your model number against this list supplied via Ingersoll-Rand / ARO. Some of the Wilden Pumps however cannot be so easily ATEX certified and will need some larger, major changes in order for them to become ATEX qualified.

Please contact Air Pumping for more information if are looking to ATEX certify and our sales team will happily guide you through the best process for your pump.

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