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Ingersoll Rand / ARO

Extrusion Pumps

Ingersoll Rand/ARO Piston Pumps are used in some of the toughest applications throughout industry. This broad range of pumps are used with low-to-high viscosity fluids for general transfer, fluid recirculation and extrusion.

  • Lower ends are constructed of carbon or stainless steel, providing optimum fluid compatibility
  • Chrome-plating and their exclusive ultra-coating combat the wear associated with moving abrasive fluids
  • The six-inch stroke air motors allow operators to slow pump cycling, further extending service life
  • Ingersoll Rand/ARO Piston Pumps are available in ratios from 1:1-to-65:1 Models include two-ball, four-ball and chop-check (extrusion) lower ends

For a tailored quote taking into account your specific pumping needs, solution being moved, size of output necessary, call now to speak to our experienced staff who can guide you through the selection process.