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Varimix Installs: Arriva (Sunderland)

Arriva Bus: Sunderland
Job Completed: 12/2008
Description of works: To install, fit and commission siz individual mixing units in and around the Sunderland area for Arriva Bus

Equipment Supplied: 6 x Ingersoll-Rand Aluminium Mixing units along with associated ancillaries, hosing, dispensing reels and guns (6 seperate site installs)

Air Pumping Ltd. has been fitting, servicing and repairing water and anti-freeze mixing and dispense units from our early conception back in the 1970s. During this time we have gained a lot of experience in the intricacies of designing bespoke systems with calibrated outlets to give the customer the best and most accurate dispensed anti-freeze to water percentile. Not everyone wants the versatility or extra expense of having a fully customizable unit though, and it is for this purpose that we introduced the Steadymix.. a constant, 50/50 mixing pump, giving you a specific and unfaultering mixed outlet dispense.

Running on one single Ingersoll-Rand / ARO 1" diaphragm pump, this system is cheap to install and requires only that you have a nearby water line and a compressed air feed on site. Existing pipework or hose reels can then be used or we can supply and install new items. The system is kept to a bare minimum to keep costs down for the customer, and also to help keep the size of fluid storage space down. With this in mind IBC bunds are often utilised to keep standardized equipment on your site. Depending on the length of pipe work runs, one Steadymix pumping system can service several service points, giving any garage or depot engineers a quick and easy way to top up engines, and eliminating the need to handle hazardous chemicals. It can also help in cutting down engineers wasted time mixing up solutions for services and messy spillages from over-filled buckets or watering cans.

Please feel free to explore some of the pictures below to get some idea of how one of these systems might fit into your garage service schedule:

Arriva Bus - Varimix Installs -

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