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Irish Rail: Drogheda
Job Completed: 03/2001
Description of works: Integrated oil & coolant interchange system

Equipment Supplied: 80 Hose-reels, 50 1", 1½" & 2" Ali/Viton® ARO AODD Pumps (666XXX Series), 1x VX200 Varimix (1" Manifold), Soft Water System, 5(+) miles of pipework, 16 delivery stations with 5 hose-reel outlets (2 x lubricating oil, 1 waste antifreeze, 1 clean anti-freeze and one waste oil).

Air Pumping was initially contacted by Irish Rail after an interest was shown in our environmentally minded, Health & Safety conscious system utilising the ADP plug to offer a labour saving integrated oil & coolant interchange system. The project was initially started in 2001 with a test scheme designed by Irish Rail intended to test the manufacturing and reliability aspects of the ADP. Scrutinisations were carried out over a 3 month period in their Inchicore depot and the plugs were shown to be more than satisfactory for the strict longevity and durability scheme set by Irish Rail. After the initial success it was decided a more accurate analysis was needed and so we moved onto assessing the ADP in a full-on usage test, fitting the plugs onto two test-bed vehicles (Irish Rail rolling stock).

By the time Irish Rail had finished their analysis it was decided the ADP was very beneficial to the site not only for the Environmental aspect and Health & Safety reasons, but also for labour saving, speed of drainage, and cleanliness of working practices. With this fact in mind the ADP was designed into the heart of Irish Rails next operation; the construction of the new purpose built maintenance facility 'Drogheda'. Started in 2001, this was a massive project, in which over 5 miles of pipe work was layed by Air Pumping! At the heart of the depots process was our ADP system - setting a new bar for Irish Rail's forward thinking with respect to health, safety and envronmental issues for the present, and far into the future!

With the success of this purpose built facility Irish Rail took the obvious course of action and are currently building a second maintenance depot utilising the excellent benefits of our system.


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