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Translink: York Road, Belfast Depot
Job Completed: 09/2003
Description of works: Mobile waste oil recovery system

Equipment Supplied: Tanks: 2500 litre / 1200 litre, 6 hose outlet stations (Anti-freeze, Engine Oil & Transmission Oil), 4 x 1½" 666170 Ali/Buna ARO AODDs, all associated pipework & fittings

Leading on from the Drogheda job, Translink (an existing customer) had heard excellent reports from the ADP (Auto Drain Plug) systems that were recently installed in nearby Drogheda, and after a consultation with one of our sales team and meetings with Drogheda's main foreman, it was decided to implement a full trial at Translink in order to test the plugs and their functionality for ease of use for engineers.

Snagging issues did arise, mainly that due to being a trial the budget for the test was quite restrictive, so we instead decided to use a mobile waste recovery module as opposed to hard-plumbing long runs of costly pipework for oil evacuation. The mobile unit consists of a bunded and covered tank, complete with dual pumps for sump suction and waste delivery to a storage vessel.

Currently this system is reaching the end of a 3 month trial on 4 trains running the ADP system. More news to follow!


Translink - Mobile Waste Oil Recovery -
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