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AirLinks: Feltham Depot
Job Completed: 01/2003
Description of works: Portable circulating system for purging coach radiator internals with a Citric Acid/Water dilution.

Equipment Supplied: 1 x Bespoke trolley with portability kit, Hydraulic hoses and fittings for connections, ½" 666053 Poly/Santo Aro AODD

A bespoke system specially manufactured by Air Pumping in our own workshops, this system has been designed specifically for AirLinks' personal needs.
The original spec called for a pressurised system to clear any unwanted by-products (mainly Calcium deposits) of the flush-through solution that the company uses to purge coach radiators, and as this solution was using a Citric Acid based dilution it was not a liquid that could be left inside the radiator!

By converting the circulatory system of the coach radiators to accept high-pressure hosing connections, each coach could then be connected to our pumping system, and the acidic solution could then be circulated until a satisfactory level of cleanliness was reached. This eliminated the possiblity of human/dilution contact, obviously a major Health & Safety issue, and also allowed the dilution to be pumped out of the radiator after cleaning, minimizing the risk of any excessive acid erosion within the engine.

The equipment design and manufacturing operations have also demonstrated compliance with the quality process, Health & Safety, technical file and multi-lingual standards set forth by the FEM (Federation Europeene de la Manutention) for the European Union (Communitie Economique).


Airlinks - Circulatory purging system -
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