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Air Pumping Ltd. - AP show & tell!

Posted by Admin on 15 Oct : 10:44
"Pumping Insight Onsite"

Air pumps are a very simple and effective way to move a liquid substance from one store to another. They can be used in many forms, from slow continuous dispensing of mastik & glue on a process line, to menial usage like a high pressure water jet or bund clearance. The pumps are very simple by design, and manufactured with a 'plug and play' sense giving you three straight forward connections: INLET, OUTLET, and AIR SUPPLY.

To give a demonstration of just how versatile these units are, we have now setup a self-sealed unit so we can show you anywhere in your workshop or workplace (with access to an airline), just how unique these pumps are! The pump features a see through design so you can see just what's happening, pulsation dampeners, digital counter for process batching, flow control valves and more!

Check out a bit more detail on whats included in the box by clicking here or following the link at the bottom of this article.. then call Air Pumping Ltd. to book your air operated double diaphragm pump demonstration to see the potential for your staff, workshop and business!

links: | more info on the fluid box | video in action
tel: 0208 470 8721
fax: 0208 470 4617