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Air Pumping Ltd. - Bespoke portable greasing units

Posted by Admin on 21 Aug : 04:46
"Don't get stuck, let Air Pumping lube you up!"

Air Pumping Ltd. has been a long time supplier of bespoke systems and components for many large and well known UK and world-wide companies. Creators of such units as the Varimix (configurable anti-freeze and water mixing unit), the Viper (variable hose pressure testing rig) and the indispensable Poly on Trolley (portable trolley mounted diaphragm pump); the team are always ready to tackle up a challenge when presented!

After being recently contacted by one of London Underground's maintenance companies, Air Pumping Ltd. supplied their solution for a new portable grease system. This was an adaptation to a system already devised in-house by themselves using their qualified engineers; however it quickly became apparent that the regular system would need to be upgraded to suit the new scope of duties the units were intended for. This in turn presented a new problem, creating a unit from scratch that could cope with the rigorous demands of the job description, yet still be used around depots and garages in and around the tight working space of the maintenance lines. A static unit was not an option as pipe runs could be expensive and lengthy hoses dangerous and unwieldy, so a bespoke system created specifically for the job would be needed!

Air Pumping's answer was to create a unique solution based on a standard static piston pump system with adaptations to enable portability, increased ram lift height and increased barrel size options allowing multiple barrel diameters to be dispensed with few mechanical alterations.
All the units were supplied to site with the applicable rated hoses and fittings and ready to be plugged in and used on delivery. The system can easily be supplied with any fitting, dispensing nozzle or air line connection to suit your specification, as well as any other ancillaries that might ease the operators use and safety including grease nipples, batch / stroke counting facilities and air filters, regulators and lubricators.
Air Pumping Ltd. can also cater for the maintenance and service side of the industry alongside the design and supply of these bespoke systems, and offer full maintenance schedules to keep your grease dispensing rig in top condition. Units are available to pump almost any barrel application, with pumps ranging from 1:1 to 65:1 ratios, developing up to an astonishing 6500psi to move even the most viscous products.

For more information on this application, or other barrel extrusion or piston pump applications feel free to contact Air Pumping Ltd for friendly advice from an experienced supplier. You can call on (+44) 0208 470 8721 or alternatively if e-mail is easier,, or check out our web site at!