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Axflow Wilden Distributor of the Year

Posted by Admin on 04 May : 04:17

Distributor of the Year 2016

Some of the first pumps ever rebuilt by us in our early days where of course the everlasting Wilden Pump. In some of the oldest photos we have on record you can see our founder Jeffrey perched atop some of our newly rebuilt Wildens - the first it became of many. Learning from this knowledge we took on more, developing our experience with pumps from all manufacturers, and eventually gaining distributorship for all the major brands. 37 years on and we are still striving to further our achievements as much as ever, taking top Wilden Distributor for three years running now.

These days we prefer to keep to what we know best, and what we can give the most of to our customers. Great prices, fantastic service, and a combined knowledge of over 70 years. We've seen pretty much everything over the years, and solved many problems, but Wilden has always been one of our main solutions. Tough, robust, & excellent solid handling capabilities means these pumps are used throughout the toughest applications in industry from mining pits to deck side on vessels. For more information on the ranges and see why these pumps are so popular, you can check out our website at:

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